Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What we should have seen in Second Life

Here are a few screen shots showing how we would have seen ourselves in Second Life if it weren't for the slow internet connection that made everything pixelated...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Process Photos: First Life and Second Life

Here are some process photos from when we first bought our land in Second Life to the day we put up the live feed. Also included are some photos of the beginning of the first life process.

Deciding on which land to buy.

The final button to confirm the land we are about to buy.

The live feed works!

Building an object to place the video screen onto.


First Life:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Work Groups

On Monday we divided our class of 17 students into different groups to get this project done! The documentation group consists of Carrie Gates, Jennifer Kim, Jen Knowles, Jen Chan, Kelsey Lyon and Meagan Greenwalt. We're in charge of this blog, letting people know about our project and keeping track of all that's going on. The Second Life group consists of Brandon Gamm, Shanae Phillips, Nick Nguyen, Nancy Guevara and Mike Yu. They are in charge of designing the project in Second Life and figuring out the logistics of working with Second Life. The cube group consists of Giulio Yaquinto, Teddy Vuong, Joseph Wilborn, J.M. Longoria, Jelisa Blumberg and Angela Wen. They are in charge of the final design of the cube space.

Getting Started!

Today we created our blog and were able to access video streaming in Second Life, which is really exciting.  Check back in for pictures and contribute whatever you feel is relevant in helping us track our progress.